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About Me


Hot Sacks is a labor of love for me. Since 2009, Hot Sacks has empowered me to be present in the lives of those I love! The bonus is the great joy I receive from bringing so much warmth and comfort to others.



Why do I use corn?


This is the question I get asked most often, and it’s a great question! I use corn because it holds the heat significantly longer than any of the other fillers out there and is 100% natural; it has a moist heat and a heavy weight which helps the heat penetrate sore muscles. It works great in the freezer as a cold pack that will mold to your body. Corn doesn’t have a strong odor. Many other fillers break down over time and give off a burnt odor. Corn doesn’t do this. When your Hot Sack is heating up it has a subtle smell of popcorn that most people enjoy! It is extremely durable and can be re-heated over and over again to enjoy for many years!