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Stephanie Jackson

Hot Sacks has been a labor of love for me since 2009!  When I first started, I was a stay at home mom with 2 kids, aged 3 and 5.  I had left a successful corporate job when my oldest was born and was looking for something to challenge me, that would allow me to work from home, and would offer something helpful and positive to those who bought my product.  My family had recently moved from the warm weather of Southern CA, to the much cooler climate in the Seattle, WA area and I was COLD!  With that in mind, Hot Sacks was born.  What started as a simple product to keep me warm, has evolved into a wonderful product that brings great comfort and joy to many people who use it for warmth, to help heal injuries, for migraines, and for comfort.  I am always amazed at how many different ways families use their Hot Sacks, too many ways to list here and it gets longer everyday!  Hot Sacks has empowered me to be present in the lives of those I love and it is truly a small family business that I am so proud of.   None of this would be possible without my husband, my kids, my in laws, or my parents.  The great joy I receive from bringing so much warmth and comfort to others is priceless!



Why We Use Corn

This is the question I get asked most often, and it’s a great question! I use corn because it holds the heat significantly longer than any of the other fillers out there and is 100% natural; it has a moist heat and a heavy weight which helps the heat penetrate sore muscles. It also works great in the freezer as a cold pack that will shape to your body. Corn doesn’t have a strong odor like many other fillers that break down over time and give off a burnt or unpleasant odor.  When your Hot Sack is heating up it has a subtle smell of popcorn that most people enjoy! It is extremely durable and can be re-heated over and over again to enjoy for many years!


Why Fabric Is Important

All fabric is not created equal which is why I only use 100% premium cotton fabric for the small, large and neck Hot Sacks.   The corn has a natural moisture to it, which is why it is loved by Dr.'s treating injuries, so it needs to breath.  Cotton allows the moisture in your bag to escape to allow for its therapeutic benefit, and then allows your bag to dry out so you won't have mold or moisture trapped inside your bag.   We offer both brushed cotton and flannel cotton and we ensure that the cotton fabric we use is a premium, durable fabric that will last many years.

For the Eye Packs, we use a premium silky poly/nylon brocade that feels nice on the face and feels great coming out of the freezer.  Most people utilize the eye packs cold or at room temperature but they can also be heated.  We have found that the small amount of corn in the eye packs, along with the short time to heat doesn't cause any problems, even though the eye packs are not 100% cotton.